Food ideas for the 60s themed party

60s party food ideasTo finish up my 60s themed (wedding) party ideas, I saved the best for last: the food 😀 . If you want to serve your guests some homemade food you’ll find some ideas I came up with in this post. Try some out!

Nibbles ideas

60s party food ideas: deviled eggsI know this recipe from my mum. It was served for special occasions and I think it’s a perfect and small food idea. Your fingers don’t get greasy and you can carry them around on a small plate. (Click here for the recipe.)

Dessert ideas

60s party food ideas: orange-pudding cakeFor this yummy cake you’ll need:
– 125 g butter
– 125 g caster sugar
– two eggs
– 125 self raising flour
– two oranges
– (vanilla) pudding

Now, heat the oven to 180°C and line two cake tins with baking parchment. Afterwards, use an electric hand mixer to cream the sugar and the butter together and beat in the eggs. Add the flour and fold in by using a metal spoon. If the mixture is not of a dropping consistency, add a little bit of milk and stir with the spoon. Then, devide the mixture between the cake tins and spread it out with a spatula. Both of the parts should be baked for 20-25 minutes. It’s ready when you insert a skewer and this comes out clean.
Let it cool and meanwhile you can make the pudding. (I made vanilla pudding.)
Now, you can sandwich the cakes together with some pudding. But don’t use all up, because you’ll need some also for covering up the cake. In the end you just have to peel the oranges and cut them in small slices and arrange them on top of the cake.

60s party food ideas: chocolate peachesThis is an easy one. I used peaches which were preserved in syrup and just an ordinary chocolate bar. You have to melt the chocolate until it’s liquid and put some drops over the peaches.
60s party food ideas: orange macaronIf you are interested how to make these orange macarons, read here the description.

60s party food ideas: rhubarb muffinsAnd here is the recipe for rhubarb muffins.

bon appetit

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