GIFTMAS – 4 Ideas how to gift-wrap

Gift-wrapping ideas

Every year the same question: How should I wrap the presents? So, let’s face it – you are wrapping them (nearly) the same by using the same gift wrapping paper and ribbons. And that’s it. But not this time! This time you get some witty gift-wrapping ideas from me how you can easily and creatively wrap up your presents.
presentsLet’s start with (wine) bottles. Instead of just wrap a paper around the bottle, I use a suit from a puppet and a tiny peg with a moustache to make it look “human”. Say hello to Monsieur Rouge. 😀

Gift wrapping idea for wine loversThe next idea is just perfect for car lovers. I use an ordinary paper (for painting) and draw a car on it. In addition, I glue a tiny chocolate goody on the car trunk. 😀

Gift wrapping idea for car loversThe next idea is for those of you who like to bake. If you want to give someone special a sweet gift, try this idea. 🙂 Put your homemade guddies in an empty jar and add a cute ribbon. You can also glue a hand written message on top of the lid.
Sweets for your sweetBigger presents (like books), a lot of small things (toys) or even socks can be put in a paper bag. 😉 You can draw, glue, paint or write a name on the paper. It’s also an ecofriendly idea, because the bag can be used again.
Hide the presentI hope you get some inspirations from here to make your gifts special. 🙂
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