How to make your own pictures very easily? – Part 4

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How to make your own pictures_part 4

My previous post about creating your own pictures, was all about black marker drawings. So, in the 4th part we bring in some colour. Ok, it’s just one – in the beginning. But, you could also use more colours if you want.

It’s a quote transformed into a picture. Therefore, as your first step, choose a quote you like.

What you’ll also need:
– white paper
– coloured markers
– a pencil
– a rubber

Use the pencil to write in big letters your quote on the paper. Adjust and position the letters the way you like it. I want the picture to have a handlettered style. Therefore, I used two different blue shades of markers.

Now, use the brighter colour to write the whole quote. Use the darker colour to draw the shades (like picture 2). Last but not least, erase the pencil writing with the rubber.

How to make a handlettered picture_step1-3

Depending where you want to hang your picture, you can put it in a frame or use it like a poster. And that’s it – easy handmade art. 🙂 Give it a try.

Handlettered picture_quote


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