How to pimp a small room?

makeover of a small roomSo, as far as I don´t have my own room here yet, I´ve been moving around a lot from one place to another. And because I miss a familiarity (I usually have when I´m at home surrounded by my staff) I tried to create a comfy place with this room.

makeover of a small roomI have bough a few decoration things (mostly flowers) and arranged other things around. I have also moved the furniture a bit to make the room appear bigger.

makeover of a small roomFresh flowers always make a difference 🙂 .

makeover of a small roomI used an empty jar as a vase and wrapped around some washi tape stripes. And I changed the pillowcase to green (instead of dark blue) to make the room appear brighter and put it in the armchair as an eye catcher.

door makeoverI used the door for a “board” where I had stuck papers and cards and other stuff on it to have a good eye for them. The small desk I´ve decorated with a tiny succulent flower and a small cup filled with flowers.

makeover of a small roomIn the end….I´ve treated myself with a new magazine and a chocolate cake 🙂 .

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