How to reuse old perfumes?

Reuse old perfume

Here is a quick tip for your old perfumes you don´t or can´t use anymore. Like any other cosmetics perfume has also a date of expiry. And just in case you don´t use it up between one and two years, it might not be the same as at the beginning. It´s color changed or the smell is not the same. Both indications that it´s not good anymore. But, before throwing it in the trash you can reuse it.
For instance, to create a DIY potpourri for your home. You´ll just need a jar with a lid, your perfume and some potpourri (e.g. made out of dried flowers, fruit peelings or bought from a shop). Now, fill the jar with your potpourri mixture and sprinkle perfume on it. Close the jar up with the lid and let it rest in a dark spot for one week. Afterwards, take the potpourri out and arrange it in a bowl or tray and enjoy 🙂 .

P.S.: Of course, you can also use your fresh perfume for this DIY when you love its smell. Or, if you have more than one perfume you can use one for every room. By doing this you have different smelling rooms 😉 .


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