How to set a table for special occasions?

How to set a table?Christmas, New Years Eve, birthdays or dinner parties. They all have the same issue: setting the table properly. I mean that’s nothing you learn at school unless it’s a special one. And I learned it just because I worked as a waitress and I had to learn it. So, here are some special tips for those special occasions in your life. Take out your noble crockery and silverware and let’s set the table! 😀

First of all, you need to know that different occasions have different styles. A breakfast table is not set the same like a dinner table. But, to make it easier for you, I made a graphic for you which explains it easier.
How to set a tables?The center is the biggest plate (for the main course) and from there on you arrange everything else around it. On top of the main plate comes the soup plate. You can say that the sequence starts from the biggest (at the bottom) to the smallest (on the top). The cutlery is positioned from the inside to the outside. This means the outermost cutlery is for the first course and so on. Put the forks always on the left side; the knives and soup spoon on the right side.

A set tableLast but not least, don’t forget the table decoration 🙂 . The best rule is: less is more. You need space to eat 😀 and to talk. Therefore, a huge flower arrangement is not the best idea. Also, make sure that the colours fit each other (e.g. napkins and tablecloth).

Here is a simple and romantic idea for decorating a napkin:

Easy table decor ideaJust in case you need some ideas for flower arrangements, browse here.

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