Lights makeover in the living room

new ceiling light for the living room

It is time for another living room makeover project. This time: the lamps. They should fit in the industrial style theme. (I got inspired by the home and craft trade show I had visited before.)

The ceiling light has been sprayed with black spray paint on the outside and with bronze spray paint on the inside. The light is a bit warmer (not like LED light), because of the bronze color.

new ceiling light for the living room

Above the dining table there is a lamp composed of a black sprayed pipe with three cables and three Edison bulbs. The lamp is hanging from the ceiling and is fixed with two wire cables. This lamp installation has a dimmer switch to control the light intensity. Therefore, you can create some ambience around that corner. Just perfect. 🙂

new lamps for the living room

new lamps for the living roomnew lamps for the living room
This was another DIY makeover ideas for the living room. Want to see my next one? Click here.

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