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Quote of the month_December2019

I chose this quote, because I tend to do things which are not necessary to be done. Or, I do too much and in the end of the day I can’t even remember why I wanted to do so much. 😀 You probably know this thing “procrastination”. You feel the urge to push away the important things wich need to be done. And instead you choose a less important task (e.g. vacuum-clean your room, reorganizing your bookshelf, watching youtube videos… and so on).

So, I hang this picture on my wall. No matter where I stand in my room, I have always a look on this picture. And then I ask myself “Is this so important that it will help you? Is this a solution to my actual problem? Am I working on my project? Do I do something what gets me closer where I want to be tomorrow/the next week/next month?”

If the answer is no – why on earth are you wasting your time? Go do the important stuff!
You see, it´s a tricky reminder. 😀


What is your quote of this month? Tell me in the comments below.


P.S.: If you need a tool how you can get rid of your stuff without doing it in one day, go over to my 365 day challenge post. Find out more about how I managed to downsize my belongings.


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