Motivational quote of the month

im-doing-this-for-meYes, a month full of nice and little (or big) treatments and things I want to do. And just because I want it and not because someone else said it. That means if I want to buy those fudge brownies I do that because it´s a sweet reward. If I want to do the trip…although I should use the time to do something meaningful…I´ll do the trip because it´s what I wanted for so long. And if I don´t want to get that job…although others say you should get it…I don´t want it. Because I know that it doesn´t make me happy.
I think, from time to time we all should think more about what we really want and not what others want us to do or to be.
Therefore, I want this month to be more a “my month”. A time to reflect about my life and a time to think about what I want for myself and what´s good for me and also if it makes me happy. Even if it´s just a little thing (like cake or brownies 😉 )

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