Roman Garden, Switzerland

roman_gardenIt´s been a while since I have shown you an interesting garden. And I have thought about one I had seen last year. I know it´s not so special, but first let me tell you about it and then you can make up your mind.

So, this one is a reconstruction of a roman garden – yes, those old Romans you know from your history lessons. During the Roman Empire every member from the upper class had a house called “villa” and it was a country house outside the city. Every villa had a garden (latin: hortus) which used to be a refuge from urban life.

In their gardens they grew culinary herbs, seasoning herbs, wine grapes and flowers. Bushes were planted to keep everything organized. Fountains, basins and statues had been placed for decoration.

This small garden I had seen is in an archaeological park in Hauterive (Switzerland) and it´s part of the Laténium Museum. (For more information visit their website)

Why I like it?
Firstly, it´s free ;). Even if you don´t like to go to the museum you can walk outside and see the reconstructions (they also rebuild houses). And the view over the lake is beautiful. Secondly, it was interesting to see those buildings and that small garden so I could see what I had read before and of course to see that the old Romans had the same ideas like nowadays.
Or maybe we have just copied them. 😀

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