Visiting a home and craft trade show

I visited the Heim+Handwerk (home and craft) trade show in Munich for getting inspired and find some new products from designers and craftsmen. There were over 1,100 exhibitor, interior designers and craftsmen from Germany but also from around the world (e.g. Spain, Portugal, Italy, Austria…). So, here are my highlights which are worth to show you 🙂 :


There was an exhibitor “Goldstein Creations” with very interesting small table products. The tabletops were made out of fossilized trees. Therefore, every piece is unique and really an eye catcher.
Another interesting table, was a coffee table with a glass plate from another exhibitor: it all laid on a root. This might be a challenging DIY project 😀 .
In case you need something very comfy, beanbags are perfect. Or do you like something more colorful? What about a pouf with oriental patterns?
But, I found also something for minimalist lovers: some simple bookcases which seem like they are floating. And for the more traditional English garden fan I discover a twoseater with a lovely blue and white fabric.

Electric lighting

You could find a variety of lighting systems from very modern to really interesting designs. I liked the ceiling light which reminded me of a fairy tale accessory. And the industrial styled lightings gave me some inspiration what I could do in the living room. The hanging and luminous stars were really amazing. All those colorful details – and it was all made of paper.
But, my highlight were the lovely and hearty lightboxes from limundo. You can use them as night lights or for decoration – not just for a children´s room 😉 .

Some more impressions

There was also a book-publishing house (Miniaturbuchverlag Leipzig) which publishes really mini books. Also a designer who makes stuff out of old beer bottles. But, there was also a food section where you could find, see and taste food from different countries or regions. Such as mozzarella or panforte from Italy. And also furniture for your garden or some musical instruments could be seen or tried out.

It was a really long day – but in the end I got some new ideas and projects for the future.

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