Self-drawn illustration of myself

Hi everyone and thanks for visiting my blog

A short introduction:

I am an artist, travel enthusiast and nature lover with a passion for photography, designing and creating stuff. 🙂

And here the longer version 😉

I am a bit obsessed with DIY projects, nature and photography. The idea for this blog came into my mind because all of my friends asked me how I did all the nice and lovely things around the house. Five years ago I’ve started this creative blog.

Doing things by myself, instead of buying everything, is my way of living. Therefore, you will find a lot of decoration ideas and DIY tutorials around here. A lot of them can be done very easily and you don’t need to spend a fortune. I want to show you that you can redecorate or change the look of a room or an item very simple.

A life without flowers and green plants around is not complete. That’s why you will also find some interesting flower arrangements, lovely bouquet ideas and useful tips for indoor and outdoor plants on this blog.

I love to travel. Thus, you will find some unusual travel stories about beautiful parks, gardens and national parks around the world. Well, at least those I´ve seen yet 😉 . But, you will also find some “home stories” about the places I lived. I have a kind of habit to make every room and place more comfy with the feeling of beeing home. No matter if I have to life in a hotel room for some weeks or in a flat, together with other flatmates. Or, just having my own place (for a while). You will see a lot of changes, makeover projects and styling ideas.

All the crafts and DIY projects I’m writing about here, are made by myself. That means it takes time to create, to photograph, to edit the pictures and to write about those ideas. I am a friend of quality instead of quantity 🙂 . So, don’t be disappointed if I can’t write every day.

I hope you enjoy your time here browsing around and be sure to check back soon.


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